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Carbide Hammers

Carbide is used to reinforce the edges of the mosaic hammer. It is extremely hard and has a high resistance to scratching. However, carbide is brittle and may chip if the hammer unintentionally hits the hardie or a hard surface. Carbide hammers are necessary for cutting smalti.

For cutting stone or marble, use either a steel or a carbide hammer. The hardie can be carbide or steel for smalti, stone or marble

Free 1/2 pound bag of practice smalti with each hammer.

We offer our 750 grams and 950 grams hammers with a handle option - fixed or removable.  The fixed option is what most people are familiar with.  The handle is permanently mounted to the hammer head.  The removeable option creates the traditional mosaicist's hammer and is used in some mosaic schools in Italy.  If you receive your hammer and decide you prefer a different handle, we exchange unused hammers at no cost other than shipping. 

If you are new to using a hammer or have questions about sharpening or maintenance, click here to visit the Mosaic Tools page in our Knowledge section for more information.