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Drawing Andamenti and Tessellation for Mosaics Spring 2020

No drawing experience is necessary to take this class!

“Andamento” refers to the “course” or lines that tesserae are laid in to make up a mosaic. Andamento was developed in harmony with the natural way our eyes perceive form and line. In Figurative work the andamento mirrors the natural form of the subject, whereas andamento in abstract work tends to be a bit freer, however, no less important to understand in creating harmonious perception for the viewer’s eye.

Studying how to draw and plan out andamento and tessellation of mosaic lines is of great value before creating a mosaic, and, as with most disciplines, continued practice of these principles eventually becomes more second nature and really pays off in the successful expression of mosaic work.

In this course students begin by learning the principles of classical andamento through brief lecture and by studying, tracing and following one of several classical or Byzantine mosaic choices offered.

From here, students learn how to apply andamento principles to an image which is not an existing mosaic, using classical and/or contemporary sized tessellation.

Finally, students explore and apply these principles to their own personal works. Students are asked to bring in their own designs, photos, or images to work with for this exercise. Figurative, realistic, and abstract images can work. 

This is a drawing workshop and no actual mosaics are made in class. Students go home with informative handouts and all drawings that they complete along with additional images for future practice at home.

This class is taught by Michael Kruzich.  More information about Michael and his artwork can be found on his website at MKMosaics.com.

Class Details:

Class Date(s):

February 27,28 & 29 2020
3 sessions
Thursday-Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Materials Required:

$20 paid first day of class

Skill Level: Any

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