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Combination Hammer and Steel Tabletop Hardie with Nylon Insert

Mosaic hammer with a carbide-tipped cutting edge for cutting smalti and a steel-tipped edge for cutting stone and marble.

  • Available in 450, 750 and 950 grams
  • Fixed or removable handle

The hardie is used in combination with a mosaic hammer to cut tesserae.  Steel hardies are suitable for cutting glass and stone.

The tabletop hardie shown here is fixed to an 8lb plate for stability and is easy to move around your studio or take to a class.

In addition, this version includes a nylon insert into the base.  After you have cut a piece of material, you may need to do some "nibbling" to modify the shape.  With a log-mounted hardie, you place the material on the wooden log and then when shaping with the hammer, if you accidently strike the log (you will!) there is no damage to the hammer tip.  The nylon insert serves the same purpose.

Includes a small bag of practice smalti and stone.

Save $25 when you buy as a set!

This item is currently out of stock or is a special order item.