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Mosaic Materials

When creating a mosaic, there are few limits on the materials that can be used.  The material must be durable, typically must be cuttable, and must be able to be adhered to a surface.  So, ceramic tiles, porcelainware, stained glass, river stones, bottle caps, the possibilities are limitless.   Some of the books we offer in our webstore cover this vast range of materials.

At di Mosaico, we specialize in materials, tools and supplies used for creating mosaics in the traditional methods, using the original mosaic materials - hand cut stone and glass.


Marble, Granite and Precious Stones

From ancient quarries and the most remote regions of the Empire, Romans imported marble, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, malachite and turquoise, cornelian and jasper and used them along with inexhaustible supplies of travertine from Tivoli for their floors and wall art. di Mosaico carries 99 different colors of stones from around the world, hand-cut in Rome.

Smalti Glass

From wood-fired furnaces on the Island of Murano, Venice and the Vatican factory of Papal Rome, ancient glass craftsmen supplied the colored and gold glass used throughout the Paleo-Christian and Byzantine world to produce wall and vault mosaics of spectacular brilliance.

Today, Mosaici Donà Murano (MDM) of Donà Stefano is the only firm producing both smalti and golds for mosaics following the artisan techniques of the past.

di Mosaico offers all the different cuts of smalti in 293 diffferent colors.


Cutting Materials

The most satisfying tools for accurate cutting of stone and marble are a mosaic hammer and hardie. These tools have been used for centuries and are still in use today. Although they remain the preference of many professional mosaic artists, other tools are available such as chopping machines and nippers.

Visit the Tools section of our on-line store to see or extensive range of ancient and modern cutting tools.