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Apoxie Paste Adhesive

Apoxie® Paste is an innovative adhesive medium used to permanently fill, bond, seal, customize & fabricate most materials. This all-purpose 2-part paste is safe & easy to use.

  • Batter-like consistency is stir-able, yet thick enough that it tends to stay put; spread thick or thin with a tool or craft stick.
  • When applied thin it is slightly translucent.
  • Tint with pigments to match or create a desired color.
  • Smoothes with water to a semi-gloss finish.
  • Working time 1-3 hours.
  • 24 hour full cure; sand & paint if desired.

It is waterproof, with 0%  shrinkage, & gripping flexibility. Adheres to many plastics, resin, polymers, glass, metals, wood, stone, foam, & more. Simple water clean-up or use Aves® Safety Solvent. Apply to foam or other materials for a hard surface coat, add texture to both porous & non-porous surfaces.