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Hammers and Hardies

Using a hammer and hardie is significantly easier on your arms and hands than using a nippers. Cutting with a nippers depends on the strength in your lower arm and hand, and overuse can lead to soreness. The hammer and hardie use upper arm muscles and much of the work is done by the weight of the hammer. Learning to use a hammer and hardie requires practice, but once you have mastered the technique, you will much prefer this method.  To help you master your technique, we include a free 1/2 pound bag of smalti or stone with each hammer.

  • For cutting smalti, use carbide tools
  • For cutting stone, use steel tools
  • For cutting smalti and stone, use a combo hammer and steel hardie
  • We also sell combination hammers with both carbide and steel tips.
  • Hammers and hardies are also available as sets

For more information on correct cutting methods using hammers and hardies, as well as how to install a hardie in a log, check out the videos below.  The Mosaic Tools page of our Knowledge Section has information about sharpening and maintaining your hammer and hardie. 

Your mosaic hammer will become one of your most valued tools.  Rachel Sager has been a hammer aficionado for many years.  Her thoughts on hammer choices and applications, as well as examples of her mosaic artwork, can be found here.

Using a Mosaic Hammer