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New Product Pricing! We have reduced our prices on smalti and stone to reflect a cheaper Euro. Most of our smalti colors have been priced at $11.98 per half pound. This new pricing reduces the price to $10.96 per half pound. This discount is applied automatically. If you have a coupon discount you can also use this during checkout for further savings.
We offer smalti in 4 different cuts:
  • Normal - also referred to as "A" cut, the traditional cut for smalti.
  • Ravenna - also referred to as "B" cut, larger, irregular shapes that can add amazing color to your contemporary mosaic project.
  • Pizzas - where all smalti begins.  12-13" plates that can be cut or broken to any shape you would like.
  • Piastrina - flat, 3/4"x3/4" tiles, much like vitreous glass tiles but with a much wider color selection

mix2.jpg To see our smalti color mixes, click here.

smalti-sample-board.jpg To purchase a sample board, click here

 Questions Questions about smalti? Click here.