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Neo Marmora Romano

Neo Marmora Romana is a collection of stone and glass mosaic materials aimed at reproducing the materials used over the past centuries starting from the Roman era, the birth period of mosaic art.

The production is artisanal and handmade, therefore limited. Its peculiarity is that each of the reproduced materials has different shades of the same color, exactly like in natural stones, otherwise the tiles would all be the same, as in synthetic marbles and colored quartz, more similar to plastic than to natural stone. Another important characteristic of the Neo Marmora Romana tiles is that there are no inclusions of other colors: if the color of a material is blue such as Lapis Lazulum or Sodalitas, the large white, black or gray parts are not present as in the original natural stones and all the tiles are blue, of different shades but always that type of blue.

Starting from the Latin name, we tried to recreate the chemical/physical composition of the stone materials and their color.

Each material has its own "recipe" and the ingredients change for each type of marble.

Materials used in creating the Neo Marmora Romana collection include ecological acrylic resins, natural resins, geo polymers and non-toxic epoxy resins mixed with pigments, many types of glasses, quartz, marble, semi-precious stones, shells, non-toxic minerals, pozzolana etc. etc.

Many of these materials are recycled.

The weight of Marmora Romana tiles is similar to that of marble and smalti mosaic tiles.

You will find in this collection reproductions of hard and semi-precious stones and colored marbles that are now extinct or very rare and expensive. The ancient Romans had an enormous consumption of marble and tended to exhaust the quarries of the most popular materials in that historical period and then moved on to other materials newly discovered in some remote area of ​​the Empire.

Neo Marmora Romana mosaic tiles have been studied, designed and created exclusively for mosaic use and specifically to be used together with marbles and smalti.

The project is in progress so, when ready, new materials will hopefully be added to the collection.