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Sometimes outlining parts of your mosaic with a thin contrasting color can transform a nice mosaic into a mosaic with zing. Just imagine the possibilities--outlining clothes, facial features, hair, animals, abstract shapes. Or perhaps you want to draw attention to words in your mosaic by outlining letters or by making fine letters in a different color.

To do this, you can cut smalti to size, but that is tedious work and wastes a lot of tiles. With contorni, you can create the desired effect with less effort. MDM makes contorni the same as their smalti with one crucial difference—the pizzas are only a third as thick. The end result is pieces that are a mere 1/8" wide and 3/4" long that you can easily integrate with smalti in your mosaic.

An example of a mosaic with and without contorni is below.We stock contorni in two colors:
Black No contorni

40 40

390 390