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Roman Stucco

Imported from Italy and made by Annalisa Marcucci in Ravenna.  This stucco uses local materials and follows an ancient, secret recipe handed down to Annalisa.  Yes, it is very expensive compared to the micromosaic putty we also sell.  However, the workability and texture are amazing.

The kit includes 25 grams of stucco, instructions along with linseed oil and an applicator.  25 grams is enough to make 25-30 1" pendants.

Roman Stucco is a linseed oil based putty.  Linseed oil dries through oxidization (exposure to air) not by evaporation.  As it dries, it chemically hardens to a solid film that binds together the chalk and other ingredients that are used as a base for the putty.  It can take up to a full year for the putty to fully oxidize.  However, because filato has such a low physical mass and the putty has a "stickiness" to it, a micromosaic piece made with this putty can be handled almost immediately.  If you need a quicker hardening putty, consider using Apoxie Sculpt, an epoxy based putty.

You can learn more about Roman Stucco here.  

Annalisa has posted a YouTube video demonstrating the mixing and application of the Roman Stucco: